Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD): Looking for Information, Policies, Training, or Experience From Police Departments.

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Police

I’ve been asked to study the use of the Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD, by domestic police departments.  The LRAD is an apparatus that is used to communicate or make sounds at very high decibel levels.  The manufacturer calls it “a high-intensity directional acoustic hailer [sic] designed for long-range communication and issuing powerful warning tones.”  You can see the manufacturer’s information and a picture here.

My information indicates that the LRAD was developed by the military for (among other uses) communication at sea in certain contexts.  In the last few years, I understand that there have been uses of LRADs by domestic police departments; the one I am familiar with was by the Pittsburgh Police Bureau, at the G-20 summit meeting in 2009, in connection with demonstrations there.

If your police department has or has used an LRAD, I would be very happy to hear from you.  I am interested in police policy, experience, and training with the LRAD, and also in any model policies that may be available.

I look forward to any and all responses.  Of course, feel free to respond by contacting me directly at daharris@pitt.edu.

Many thanks.

  1. Bill Neadles says:

    If you could email me at bill.neadles@torontopolice.on.ca I could send you some recent Government of Ontario Guidlines that we are to comply with.

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