To contact David Harris to invite him to speak about Failed Evidence, to leave information for him, to get in touch with him for another reason, you can send email to, or call his office at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law at 412 648-9530.  He will get back to you within 24 hours.  For journalists on deadline, call the office number for information to call him directly.

  1. SHELLENE R says:

    I know there are many advances in scientific techniques and many innocent eople are convicted and coerced to plea in this Country. There are many people the Innocence Projects and
    scientific break throughs are ignoring. Conviction/Judicial Integrity Units REFUSE to look or help us. Prosecutorial Misconduct, Police Abuse, Police Perjury, Police fabrication and hiding exculpatory evidence has left many of us in a “virtual life imprisonment” that NO ONE WILL ADDRESS.
    How can ANYONE tell me or another person: It is too late for Justice and Truth? What is the Statute of Limitations on Fact and Truth that should and could vindicate someone? Give me ONE INDIVIDUAL with morals, ethics and guts who WILL go in an make a difference and I will show you the truth is more powerful than the ‘system’

  2. Preston s.marks, says:

    David what about serology,ballistics,fingerprints, or crime scene evidence presented by an individual declared an expert witness. U r either against the system or a moron on dismissing forensic dentistry,and testimony from a forensic pathologist . Where did u get your degree? Whal field have u been certified as a expert witness ? God ur just another want a be. Based on the individuals posting on this web site inc 3time convicted felons I quit this bogus strictly moneymaking
    Scheme for individuals who’s only forensic trang is watching CSI. How much do u get paid for lecturing in opinion and not facts

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